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folder-icon How do I get help when I'm stuck? folder-icon How long does it take Glitch Support to respond to messages? folder-icon WAT! Why is my project suspended? folder-icon OMG, the whole world can see my project's code! Can I make it private? folder-icon I can't edit my project! It just refreshes and doesn't save any changes. folder-icon Why can't I see some of my files in the file tree? folder-icon Files that I created or edited via the terminal or with code aren't appearing or updating in the editor. Why!? folder-icon I'm getting an error when I try to login to my Glitch account. What can I do? folder-icon I am receiving a database error when trying to connect to GitHub. Why? folder-icon Are there any known issues caused by browser plugins? folder-icon I'm getting the error 'Check /app/package.json: command not found. Is a start script missing?', what's up with that? folder-icon I'm seeing 'node: --inspect=localhost:9200 is not allowed in NODE_OPTIONS', what's up? folder-icon I'm seeing 'Starting inspector on localhost:9200 failed: address not available', what's up? folder-icon I want to use the debugger, but it's not working. Why has it forsaken me?! folder-icon Oh no! I've opened the debugger but I don't see my code. folder-icon After clicking debugger, I get the "Debugger ready" message but nothing happens folder-icon The custom domain that I set up with Cloudflare now says 'Not Found'. What's going on? folder-icon I forgot my password! Now what? folder-icon How do I change the email for my Glitch account? folder-icon How do I change the password for my Glitch account? folder-icon How do I close my Glitch account? folder-icon I'm getting the error, "this custom domain is already registered". How do I fix this? folder-icon How do I preserve logs that are lost when my app restarts? folder-icon Why can't I use the Preview Next to Code option when working on a private project in Safari/Webkit? folder-icon I am a member of a private app but I can't see it. What can I do? folder-icon How do I reduce the disk space that my project is using? folder-icon My project is missing code! Can you give me a backup? folder-icon Why is my generated static site using project hours? folder-icon How do I fix a project that has been suspended for exceeding the node module space? folder-icon How do I get WebSocket to connect with my projects that use custom domains? folder-icon Why are some images on / broken? folder-icon My project is stuck in an install loop! What can I do?
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