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Can I share a private project with folks that don't subscribe to Glitch Pro?
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While you need a Glitch Pro subscription to create and own private apps, other project members are not required to subscribe in order to collaborate on the project.


This means that you can easily share a private app with anyone who has a Glitch account, or just an email address!


This can be particularly useful for:

  • Workplaces where Glitch is used internally for collaborative initiatives
  • Hiring managers who use Glitch when conducting engineering interviews
  • Teachers who use Glitch in a virtual classroom


To help, we suggest using the following workflow to share private apps with others:

  1. Designate one paid account and save a template for the private app that you will be using.
  2. When you want someone on your team to be able to use a private version of the template, remix it and keep it in the paid account.
  3. Then, open the remix and click the Share button to send invites to the folks that will be using the app.  


Here is what the invite process looks like...



...and, here is what the invite will look like for the recipient:



Your invitees will be able to use and update the app as needed while keeping it private.


Meanwhile, the project owner will keep control of:

  • Inviting additional project members
  • Changing the privacy controls
  • Renaming the app
  • Archiving the app


Want to learn more about private projects and project permissions?  Click here!

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