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Boosted Apps! What's That?

Boosted Apps is a paid Glitch subscription that allows you to do more with your projects!



How does this compare to what I can already do on Glitch for free?



Sounds interesting! How do I get Boosted Apps?


Users with a registered Glitch account can sign up for either a monthly or annual subscription.


You can choose to pay either:

  • $10 monthly, or

  • $96 annually


Okay, but what happens once I sign up?


You will be able to Boost and un-Boost apps directly from your Projects page. By clicking on the toggle.

Apps that have been Boosted will have a diamond icon next to the project name on the individual Project page and within the Project Editor.




  • You can Boost up to five of your Glitch projects at one time and the extra capabilities will automatically be applied!
  • To see the Boosts working, open the project in the Glitch editor and click on the “Boosted Status” button in the bottom of the sidebar.
  • If you change your mind about which of your projects you want boosted, you can switch them out by going to your Projects page and clicking the toggle next to the app you want to un-Boost or Boost.


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