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Private Projects
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While apps created for free on Glitch are public, folks who subscribe to Glitch Pro, can control who can see and use the apps that they own.


When your project is public:

  • Other Glitch users (logged in or not) can view your project's code and remix it into their own copy.

  • But they can't edit your project's files directly - you'd have to invite them to join your project for them to do that.

  • You can use the .env file to hide sensitive information like passwords and data.


When you subscribe to Glitch Pro, you will have the following privacy controls:

  • Make the code in your app private.

  • Make the live site private.

  • Make both the code and the live site private.

  • Control the way other project members can use and view the app.


How to make a project private:



  1. Subscribe to Glitch Pro.
  2. Open the app that you want to make private in the project editor.
  3. At the top of the project editor click the Share button to open the project permissions menu.
  4. Click the first drop-down menu to select the privacy setting you would like to use.  You can choose from Public, Private or just Private Code.



How to invite others to join your private project as project members:



  1. Open the project permissions menu by clicking the Share button in the project editor.
  2. Under Project Members, type the Glitch username or email of the person that you would like to invite.
  3. Click the Send Invite button.
  4. Wait for your colleague to accept the invite.  Once they have accepted the invite, the Pending note next to their name will disappear.


Here is what the invite looks like:




When making an app private, it is important to be aware of the following:

  • The project owner of a private app must be a Glitch Pro subscriber.  If you want to transfer ownership of a private app to another project member, they must have a Glitch Pro subscription.
  • When the privacy controls are used on a project, it will not be included in search results.

  • Files saved in project assets will still be public.
  • Some Glitch staff can view all projects, including those set to private. In general, we won't do so without your express permission (although we reserve the right to access the code of any project when providing support or investigating reported violations of our Terms of Service).
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