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Can I embed my Glitch project on my blog, docs or website?
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Yes, you can!

You can embed Glitch apps anywhere on the web: a blog post, a landing page or in your documentation. It works with most blogging tools like Medium and WordPress, and you can completely customize the look and feel of your embed — choose to show your app or the code that powers it!



To create the HTML code for an embed:

  1. Open the project editor for the app that you want to embed.
  2. Click on the project name to reveal the project options menu.

  3. In the On Your Website section, click the Embed This Project button to see your embed options.

  4. You can customize the embed by dragging ↕ or ↔ to resize the panes, you can toggle the file tree, change which code file is shown, as well as hide attribution, and choose to show the app or the code.
  5. Click anywhere outside of the embed menu to return to the project editor.
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