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What types of apps can I make on Glitch? print icon


There are three basic project types that you can choose to start with

Static websites

Full-stack JavaScript applications

Full-stack JavaScript applications with database



Static websites

The hello-webpage template gets you started with a basic static website with an index.html page and static HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Just type and your work will be live on the internet!  Static websites enjoy unlimited uptime too!  This means that your app stays on 24/7 without using up your allowance of Project Hours


An existing project will be identified by Glitch as a static site if it does not contain one of the following files:

  • package.json

  • requirements.txt

  • glitch.json


Full-stack JavaScript applications

The hello-express starter project gets you rolling with the basics of a full-stack JavaScript application with both front-end and back-end code using the popular Express Node.js application framework.


Full-stack JavaScript applications with a database

The hello-sqlite starter project provides you with the same essential basics included in the hello-express starter but adds a SQLite database for storage. We start you off with SQLite, but there are other options you can use if you prefer.

Got more questions?  Check out our Community Forum

Open 24/7, the forum is where Glitch makers help each other and show off all the rad apps that they have created.  It's the friendliest community of coders on the Web!

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