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How do I roll back changes with Rewind?
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Rewind is a feature that lets you see a visual representation of your project's history (powered by Git) and allows you to undo project edits which is useful if you made a mistake and want to fix it.



To open the Rewind history:

  • In the project editor, click the Tools button to reveal the tools menu.
  • In the tools menu, click the Rewind button.



With Rewind open, you can:

  • See every checkpoint (or Git commit) that has been made, along with who made it and what changes were made.
  • Drag the purple progress bar through the project history timeline to see file changes.
  • Set the purple progress bar on a specific point in the project history timeline and click Rewind Project to revert any changes made to the right of the progress bar.
  • Close the project history by clicking the Cancel button.



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