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What are the technical restrictions for Glitch projects?

While we want to keep Glitch as open as possible, there are a few restrictions that apply to un-boosted apps. These restrictions are designed to maintain service levels for all, and to prevent someone’s accidental infinite loop from costing us a small fortune.

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Uptime & Project Hours


To make Glitch accessible for everyone:

  • Apps created on Glitch are given an allowance of Project Hours.
  • Project Hours are spent when:
    • The project is being actively edited.
    • Someone accesses the user-facing side of a Glitch project that is not a static site
  • Anonymous users get 120 free Project Hours.  However, projects that are created anonymously will automatically expire after 5 days.  To get additional hours and prevent your project from expiring, the anonymous user will need to register an account or transfer project ownership to an existing Glitch account
  • Every registered user gets 1,000 free Project Hours each month. Project hours are replenished on the first day of each month at 00:00 UTC. Unused Project Hours cannot be rolled over.
  • The Project Hours limit does not apply to Boosted Apps. If you are a Glitch Member the monthly allowance is 4,000 Project Hours.  Project hours are replenished on the first day of each month at 00:00 UTC.  These hours will be applied to any non-Boosted apps that you own.
  • Click here to learn more about Project Hours, and how to manage them!


Container Space


  • Apps have a limit of 200MB of disk space in the container. The contents of your apps's '/tmp' directory currently don't count towards that total, but those files are removed when the app restarts.
  • By default your Node.js modules don't count towards that total - there's a separate 1GB limit for node modules.
  • Plus, there's an additional 512MB of assets storage space.
  • Apps have a limit of 512MB of RAM.


Request Rate


  • Apps are limited to 4000 requests per hour (subsequent requests will return a 429 "Too Many Requests" response).


If your projects require more powers beyond these technical restrictions consider becoming a Glitch Member by subscribing to Boosted Apps.

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