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Project Changes Aren't Saving
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This typically happens when your project is running out of disk space. On Glitch, projects that are created for free are limited to 200MB of disk space.  Boosted apps can use up to 400MB of disk space.


If you can access the project editor, you can free up disk space by:

  1. Removing any unused or unnecessary files from your project.
  2. Making sure that image, audio or video files are in the project's assets.
  3. Adding any database files to a folder named .data  which saves space and keeps the content within these files secure.
  4. Adding other files that are taking up too much space to a file named .gitignore. Project files that take up a lot of space are usually ones that your project rewrites often.
    💡 You can see a list of your project files and their file size by opening the project terminal and entering the command, ls -lah 
    💡 You will need to create the file .gitignore first and then add the names of the files that you want to be ignored on separate lines within .gitignore
    💡 You can do something similar for .data.  First, create the folder, then add the database files that you don't want to count towards your disk space.
  5. Once you have added larger files to .gitignore or .data run the following commands in the project terminal:
    git prune
    git gc


Here's more info about those commands and how they work:

  • git prune identifies orphaned git objects to be removed.
  • git gc is the parent command of git prune with the "gc" standing for "garbage collection". Running this command will delete orphaned git objects and other unused project elements that are taking up your valuable disk space!


If your project has been suspended or you can no longer use the project editor, please contact us so that we can help you out. Be sure to include the project name.


You can read more about our technical restrictions by clicking here.

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