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Appeal a Suspension
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If your account or one of your projects has been suspended and you believe that you did not violate our Terms of Service, you may appeal the suspension. A suspension appeal can be filed, using the steps listed below.


How to appeal a suspension:

  1. Use the email address that is associated with your Glitch account to send us a support request.

  2. In the subject line, write “Suspension Appeal”

  3. In your message, include:

    • Your Glitch username.

    • If appealing a project suspension, the name of the project(s) that have been suspended.

    • An explanation of why you believe your account or project(s) should not have been suspended.


When making an appeal, be aware of the following:

  • The appeal must come from the account holder or project owner.

  • Appeals are reviewed in the order that they are received.

  • Every appeal will be carefully reviewed by at least one member of the Glitch Community team and one member of the Glitch Support Team.

  • Every appeal will receive a response within 1 business week.

  • Sending multiple appeals or otherwise spamming Glitch, will disqualify the appeal.

  • All appeal decisions are final. If a subsequent appeal is made, it will be disqualified.

  • Appeals that are made using any other method than the steps listed above will not be considered.

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