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Creating & Using Themes
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Glitch in Bio is a remixable app for sharing a set of links. The appearance of the app is determined by the CSS theme you select in your remix of it. When you remix Glitch in Bio, you'll see that it includes a few themes by default. You can edit the theme CSS any way you like–or create your own, which you can also share with other people. 


When you first view or remix the app, it'll have the glitch theme selected. You can select themes in settings.json, by changing the theme property value to any of the CSS filenames you see in the public/styles/themes/ folder–by default you can use: glitch, gallery, menu, custom-theme.



If you don't have a valid theme selected, the site will default to the CSS in styles.css, which is the basis for all of the site styles. The theme CSS files combine with the rules in styles.css to determine the look of your site.


Open the CSS file for the theme you have selected to see the rules it applies to the HTML elements. Try changing a property to see the effect!


Creating your own themes

The easiest way to get started creating your own theme is using custom-theme.css.


First select the theme in settings.json by changing the value of the theme property to custom-theme.



Open the custom-theme.css file to get started customizing your site appearance. Try changing a property or adding a new rule.



For more tips, check out How do I customize my Glitch in Bio styles? 


If you have a theme you want to show off, submit it to be showcased in our playlist and demo app!


If you see a theme you like in another Glitch in Bio remix you can import it to use in your own!

Got more questions? Check out our Community Forum!
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