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Adding Handlebars
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Your Glitch in Bio site is built using Vite, and uses Handlebars to build the JSON data into the page. The site comes with a custom helper called hostasclass included by default but you can add more.


Let's try adding a silly helper function that returns emoji to the page. In vite.config.js, after the hostasclass helper, add this function (after a comma to mark the end of the previous one):


getemoji: num => {
 let emoji = ["🚀", "😺", "⚽", "🎈", "🎉"];
 return emoji
  .slice(0, num < emoji.length ? num : emoji.length).join("");




Now to use the function in the site, in links.html add this after the closing </li> tag: {{getemoji 3}}



You'll see the emoji written into the page under each link in the preview.


Try changing the functionality or adding your own helper!


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