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Changing the Layout
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You can edit the HTML that makes up your Glitch in Bio site to change the layout and determine how the page content uses the settings JSON data. The index.html file imports the content in each file you see in the layout folder. You can edit index.html (for example to change the way the partial layout files are included in the page) or the HTML in the layout files themselves in any way you like.


Try editing the HTML in layout > name.html to add some text to the end of the h1 content–you'll see the preview update.



The partial layout files use Handlebars to load the data from the site settings JSON. Back in name.html, after the h1 element, try adding some handlebars syntax inside a paragraph to pull in another property from settings.json.




The description text will be added to the page. Now try changing the description property value in settings.json:




Check out the layout files and cross-reference them with the available settings data–try extending your HTML to change the way the data appears in your site! You can also add new data values to the JSON and access them in your site in exactly the same way.

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