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Getting Started: Part 3 - More Tools & the Share Menu
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In the final section of the Getting Started with Glitch Guide, we'll take a look at these features in the project editor:

  • Logs
  • Terminal
  • Tools
  • Share





  • Click LOGS to reveal the project log, where you can monitor installs, test code and review any errors that might be affecting how the project works.  Here is an example of what the project log will look like:






  • Click TERMINAL to open the project console where you can make changes to your project programmatically.  Just be aware that changes made in the terminal do not automatically appear in the project editor editing pane or project preview.  To see them, you will need to run the refresh command in the terminal.  Here's what the project terminal looks like:





Click TOOLS to see these handy features that you can use while working on your project in the editor...


Import and Export

  • This button reveals your options for importing or exporting code.  Here is what it looks like:


Click here to view our help articles about importing and exporting code.





  • This button will open a timeline of your project’s edit history.  Drag the progress bar to see different iterations of the code and revert changes.  Here is an example of a project timeline:


Click here to learn more about using the Rewind feature.






The button used to open the Share menu can be found at the top of the project editor. 



Here is what the Share menu looks like:



The Share menu can be used to:

  • Invite others to join and collaborate on a project.
  • View and copy the read-only links to your live site and the project's source code.
  • Allow Glitch Pro subscribers to adjust the privacy settings for the app.

Click here to learn more about adding collaborators to your projects.

Click here to see the privacy settings available for Glitch Pro subscribers.


Hurray! You have come to the end of the Getting Started with Glitch Guide.  


What’s Next?  That’s for you to decide!  


Are you ready to start Glitching?


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