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Getting Started: Part 2 - Project Editor Settings & App Status Bar
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In this section of the Getting Started with Glitch Guide, we'll take a look at the project editor Settings menu and App Status bar.





  • In the project editor file view, click Settings to see the options shown above.

  • By default, each project is given a random name and description.  To give your project a new name and description, click Edit details on project page.  This will take you to the project page where these details can be updated.


Here are some more things that you can do from the Project Options menu...


New project

  • Click this button to create a new project.


Switch project

  • Click this button and a popup list of your existing projects will appear.  Click on one of these projects to open it in the project editor.


Remix project

  • Click this button to make a copy of the project that you are working on.


Embed this project

  • Click this button to copy code that you can use to embed your project on another site.


Toggle auto refresh

  • By default, the project editor will refresh the app as you edit the code.  If you don’t want this to happen, click the check box to disable this option.


Toggle text wrap

  • Enable this feature if you don’t want to scroll all the way to the right to see complete lines of code.


Toggle light/dark theme

  • Switches the project editor from “light mode” to an easier-on-the-eyes “dark mode”.


Leave project

  • If you are a member of a project but not the project owner, you will see this option in the Settings menu.  When you click Leave Project you will be removed from the project and no longer have the ability to edit the app.


Archive this project

  • Is a “soft delete” feature that you can use to stop a project from running and from being edited.  If you change your mind, you can reactivate an archived project from your dashboard.



App Status




When you click the App Status button at the bottom of the file view in the project editor, you will see the following project stats:

  • Memory

  • Disk space

  • CPU

  • Boost status


If your project starts to exceed a technical restriction like disk space, an alert will display next to the App Status.  In the Help Center, we offer several tips on how to manage disk space.  Click here to learn more.


In the last section of this Getting Started with Glitch Guide, we'll take a look at the Tools menu & Share menu.   Click here to continue.

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