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How do I change a project’s owner?

If you are the Project Owner, you can transfer project ownership to another Glitch user.


Why would you want to do this?


Here are some examples:

  • You want to continue collaborating on a project that you created, but want to give someone else admin privileges.
  • You have more than one Glitch account and want to transfer ownership to a different account used by you.


Transfer Project


Follow these steps to transfer ownership of your project:


  1. Click on the project you would like to assign a new owner to.
  2. Click on the avatar of the user that you want to be the new owner.
  3. Click the “Make project owner” button.




  • Only the project owner can transfer project ownership.
  • If you assign project ownership to another member of the project, you will no longer have the ability to delete the project.


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