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Glitch Teams Overview
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Glitch Teams gives you a page on from which you and other users of your choice can share and collaborate on projects.  In addition, you can customize your team page and showcase apps that you offer to the public or a specific audience.


Who can use Glitch Teams?

Glitch Teams can be created by anyone who has a registered Glitch account.  As a team owner, you can invite other Glitch users to join your team.  You can also invite anyone else as long as they have an email address.  


Glitch Teams can be particularly powerful when used in the following context:

  • You’re part of a development team that regularly uses or works on a set of Glitch apps.

  • You want to drive adoption of apps that you have created via a branded page.

  • You’re part of a hiring team that uses Glitch during the interview process.

  • You’re leading a workshop or training session that uses Glitch.

  • You are an educator who needs a central place to share lessons and student projects.

  • You subscribe to Glitch Pro and want an easy way to allow others to  view and collaborate on projects that you have Boosted and/or made private.


Do you want to see an example of a team page?  Click here to check out this awesome team created by the developers working on Material Design.


Here’s how to create a team on Glitch:

  1. While logged in, click on the Teams link which can be found at the top of any page on

  2. In the popup, under Create a Team enter a name for your team.  Don’t worry, you can always rename a team if you change your mind.

  3. Click the Create button.


Here’s how to find teams that you are a member of:

  1. While logged in, click on the Teams link which can be found at the top of any page on

  2. In the popup, you will see a list of teams that you are a member of.  From here, you can click on any team name to go to the team’s page.


You can also go directly to a team page by using a URL in the following format:



Do you want to learn more?  Click here to see all our help articles about Glitch Teams.

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