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screenshot of webpage is a super-handy shortcut that makes it faster and easier to create apps instantly in your browser.


You can use it to create a Glitch In Bio landing page, a new full stack React or Eleventy app, a remix of any Glitch app, or even import a GitHub repo, just by starting the URL with


To see all the shortcut options, go to our webpage.  We suggest bookmarking this page so you have it at your fingertips. 


Here’s how works:

In your web browser’s address bar, type followed by the type of app that you want to start working on.


You can use these URLs to instantly remix one of our popular Glitch starter projects:

spins up the Glitch In Bio template that you can use to create a list of your favorite links and customize them for free.
gets you started with a website template that includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript
lets you quickly spin up a Node app built with Fastify
is the template you can use to take advantage of one of the web’s most popular static site generators, React!
will let you use the static site generator, Eleventy to build your site.
instantly creates a node.js app that uses a persistent SQLite database.



Or, you can…


Create a shortcut for any public project on glitch by using the URL followed by the project name, in this format:



For example, if you wanted to create a Discord bot using our bot starter template, you would type the following URL into the address bar:



It doesn’t have to be an official Glitch app either. You can do this with any public app on Glitch!



Or, you can…


Quickly import a GitHub repo into a Glitch project by putting in front of any GitHub repo URL, using this format:

  •[github username]/[github repo name]


For example, if you wanted to import our friendly-words repo from GitHub, you would enter the following URL into the browser address bar:




The repo will be imported and running on Glitch in a flash!


And don't forget, you can see all of these options by going to our webpage.

Got more questions? Check out our Community Forum!
Open 24/7, the forum is where Glitch makers help each other and show off all the rad apps that they have created. It's the friendliest community of coders on the Web!
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