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Changing the Team Admin
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If you are a Team Admin, you can give other team members admin privileges so that all admin responsibilities are shared.  Or, you can transfer your Team Admin privileges to another member of the team.


Why would you want to transfer Team Admin to another user?


Here are some examples:

  • You want to continue collaborating on the team, but no longer want to serve as Team Admin.
  • You have more than one Glitch account and want to transfer Team Admin privileges to a different account used by you.
  • You are trying to close your account, but you are the only Team Admin for a multi-member team.




Transferring Team Admin privileges:



  1. Go to the team page where you would like to assign a new admin.
  2. Click on the avatar of the user that you want to be the new Team Admin.
  3. Click Make an Admin.
  4. If you are transferring your Team Admin privileges, click on your avatar and then, Remove from Team.




  • Only the Team Admin can give another team member admin privileges.
  • If you give up your Team Admin status, you will no longer have the ability to delete the team.
  • If you want to close your Glitch account and are the only team admin on a multi-member team, you must first transfer admin privileges to another team member.

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