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Project Suspended for Exceeding the Node Module Space Limit
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Glitch projects have a 1GB limit for node modules.


If your project has been suspended for exceeding the node module space, it means that a change to your project's package.json file has caused the project to hit the limit.


If this has happened to your project, you can send us a support request asking us to try removing the last node module that was added to the project's package.json.  In your support request, be sure to include:

  • The name of the suspended project
  • The name of the last node module added to the project's package.json.


Keep in mind that sometimes when a project exceeds this limit, we are not able to re-open it because our system will automatically detect the exceeded limit and instantly re-suspend the project.  If our support team is unable to get the project back open, then you will still have the option to download the project code, make changes to the package.json file locally and then upload the updated code to a new project on Glitch.

💡 Here's how to do this:

  1. Open the project and then click the Download Your Project button to save a copy of the code to your computer. 
  2. From there, you can open the project files locally on your computer and remove any npm modules that pushed the project over the limit.
  3. After you do this, you can upload the code to a new project in Glitch.
  4. Optional: After you have created a new project with the updated code, let us know if you would like to re-use the project name of the suspended app. We can help with that!
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