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Minimal Starter Projects
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Glitch is evolving! Along the way, we have created a new set of opinionated starter projects that may have more elements then you are used to seeing in our templates.  We hope that you will give them a try.  You can find information about how they work in each project's files.


If you prefer to work with a more basic version of the New Project options, you can go directly to the Create Project page.  There, under each of the project options, you will see a link to the blank or minimal version of the template.  Click on any of the blank or minimal links and a bare-bones version of the template will be remixed and ready for you to use!


You can also use the New Project button to navigate to the blank and minimal versions of the starter projects by doing the following:

  1. Click New Project.
  2. In the popup menu, click Find More.






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